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The Parish of

St Mary The Virgin

                                                                      Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent


Matthew 18 v 5:

“Whoever welcomes a little child in my name welcomes me.”

Children form a valuable part of our congregation at St Mary’s, and often take part in the services and events. Because young people learn by following the example of people that they know and respect, we were very happy when Robert and Sara Goddard joined our church.

Sara says:

We have enjoyed worshipping at St Mary’s since Easter 2012, where the church community have made us very welcome.  We have experienced a wide variety of activities from Alpha and Prophesy courses to joining in with the Bucknall Team at Connect gatherings.

The ministry of Revd Nigel and Revd Dave was the reason that we decided to worship at St. Mary’s.  As Head Teacher at Kingsland C. E. Primary School I have close links with the clergy from the Bucknall Team on a weekly basis.  Having regularly attended church, for a number of years in the past, we felt that we needed to be closer to God again, because of our personal circumstances.

We enjoy every minute of our fellowship with the community of St. Mary’s and are so glad that we have chosen to play an active role in the church.  We have decided to support the church by joining the P.C.C. and working with the young people by helping out at Fusion.  We are looking forward to continuing to be part of the future at St. Mary’s and the exciting plans that God has for this community.

Psalm 23 v 4:

“Even though I walk through the the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me”


We are really pleased to have Tony Spackman as a member of St Mary’s congregation, and of our House Group. His fresh outlook on life gives us food for thought, and we wondered what had encouraged him to come. His journey to faith has not been an easy one …

Tony Says:

I never grew up knowing God, and never attended church. I didn’t really have a lot of support as a child whilst growing up, simply because had a lot of brothers and sisters -11 of us in total. So I had to choose my own path in life. I moved to East London in my late 20's, where, in time, is where I met my ex-wife. We spent 10 years there, and we have 3 boys, but during that time I had lost my Nan, my real Mum, my Step-mum, and Dad. 4 years ago my sister passed away in Spain. All these losses were eating away inside my head.


We were also struggling to find accommodation, and were living with my ex-wife’s parents. It didn’t work, so I applied to Stoke-on-Trent Council, and we managed to get a house. I also managed to get a transfer with my job. It was going well for the first couple of years, then started to fall apart, and we got divorced. It was a nasty divorce, and it made me so ill. Stress and worry and anxiety started to have an impact on my life, and child maintenance fees, a mortgage, and other bills were too much for me.

In the end, I was getting desperate, and I needed help. I could have gone onto drinking, and losing everything, it was so bad. But I didn’t. I contacted my doctor, because I took an overdose of tablets. I felt like I was in a dark room, with no way out, and he got me help with Healthy Minds, and a support worker. I was off work for 6 months having treatment. I eventually went back to work, but, in time, realised that I still had hate, anger, and grief eating away inside me, and that it was having a huge impact on my life. All I wanted was to find peace and tranquility in my life.

My friend, Dekker, was church going, and he asked me to come along one Sunday. I wasn’t sure at first, but I decided to go in the end. When I walked into St Mary’s for the first time, straight away I felt this awesome feeling of love, kindness, and peace - all of the things I had been searching for in my life. Straight away, the horrible feelings of past inside me had gone. It was awesome.

Every Sunday I kept attending church, then, on 19th October 2017, I was baptised a Christian. From that day onwards I never looked back. I pray 3 times a day, every day. I read my Bible Scriptures daily without fail, and attend Fellowship Meetings. God is good. He gives me so much comfort and peace, and, by having the Lord in my life, He has transformed me into the better person I am today. I know through Him, I will have Eternal Life. Amen.